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Monthly archive for March2011

Full Body Weights Workout

Yesterday I did a great Full Body Weights Workout that I made up for myself: Circuit (x 3) (12 reps) Bicep curls Tricep dips Leg extensions (20 reps) Crunches (x60– 20 regular, 20 bicycle, 20 regular) Elbow pull back (totally made up that name- not…

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Long Treadmill Run!

Yesterday I did an awesome treadmill run that covered about 5.2 miles since the speeds are slow…(FYI: I jogged on the 4.0’s but walked on that 3.5 at the end) Was a great long one without being too strenuous…!   Do you constantly feel tired…

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Hop-On Hop- Off

The other day I did a SWEET and SWEATY workout that I LOVED… I really didn’t feel like running on the treadmill for ages, so I did this instead that I just created on the spot! Hop-on Hop-off Workout: Run 5 minutes at 1% incline…

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