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Monthly archive for February2012

Fun Facts About Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic Exercise: Provides oxygen to muscles Expels waste products Burns fat Relieves depression Helps prevent cancer Slows the ageing process Reduces the risk of heart disease Increases the levels of HDL cholesterol in your body (the good cholesterol!) Improves sleep Improves mental sharpness Fun (and…

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Heavy Leg Workout

I’ve been on the same weights routine for about six weeks now, which means it is time to switch things up! It is never good to do the same workouts for more than six weeks because your body will just adapt and you won’t see…

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Perfect Protein Pancake

For my breakfast this morning I made a delicious protein pancake that I had to share! This would be great post workout too, since it is packed full of protein Perfect Protein Pancake Ingredients: 1 egg ~ 1/4 cup egg whites (didn’t measure, so not…

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Chest and Triceps Day!

Today I did a great Chest and Triceps workout (I included the weights I used, but make sure you use the right weight for you), so I thought I would share in case you are in need of some weight lifting inspiration (remember to challenge…

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