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Monthly archive for June2012

Healthy Swaps for Midnight Munchies

Staying up for a late night study session? Coming home from a night-out with friends? If you are anything like me, a late night yummy snack is always tempting, however, snacking on junk food consistently won’t do your body good. Check out my article HERE…

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Last week I was contacted by Novatek Laboratories to review their pre-workout supplement, RISE. RISE consists of six ingredients whose dosages aid in a series of benefits. The supplement contains an energy booster, a mental clarity enhancer, a cardiovascular efficiency aid, antioxidants, vitamin enhancements and…

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Beat the Jet Lag Workout!

Since I’m out of the country, I woke up at 4am this morning rearing to go! I hit the gym and completed this workout. It’s fun and not too difficult, but will get your heart rate up for sure Beat the Jet Lag Workout: Treadmill…

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Periodization: What is it? And Is it Right for You?

What is it? Periodization is the concept of breaking down a training program into time periods called macrocycles, mesocycles and microcycles. A macrocycle includes the entire training programme, which can be just a few months to a year and beyond, a mesocycle includes a shorter…

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Get Creative in the Kitchen with Protein Powder!

Bored of protein shakes? Check out recipes in the article that I wrote here… Do you constantly feel tired and lethargic on your diet? It’s time to get leaner and stronger on a macronutrient based diet. Subscribe to my email list to receive instant access…

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