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Monthly archive for August2013

Why I Will Not Do Contest Prep Coaching

I get quite a few inquiries about contest prep coaching. I have no problem explaining this to each girl who emails me, but I want to express my reasons here as well. I have competed in ONE bikini competition in my life and I was…

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TONED Pre Workout Drink: My Thoughts!

When I was contacted by Unico Nutrition to try out their pre workout for women drink, TONED, I wasn’t too sure what to think. I’ll be honest, I had never heard of Unico Nutrition before, so naturally, I was skeptical on what they had to…

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You Need to Do This Right Now

Stop what you’re doing right now. Okay, well don’t stop yet… finish reading this post first. It’s a short one. Somehow you came across this blog post. Perhaps you were searching through your Facebook news feed, twitter feed, or perhaps you found this through another…

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