How You Can Organize your Fitness Lifestyle in 5 Steps

The hardest part about setting a goal is getting started. I think we can all agree on that whether that goal be work related, fitness related, family related etc… When I gave myself the goal of getting into weight lifting and shaping up my body, it sure wasn’t easy for me. I still remember the first time I set foot into the gym, bypassed the treadmill and headed to the weights section… I still get chills thinking about how scared I was.

So, just like you, I didn’t go from complete newbie to ‘experienced’ in an instant. I had to swallow up my fear and just get started. Whether you are embarking on a new fitness goal now, or whether you need some more motivation to keep going, I have 5 tips for you…

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How to Organize Your Fitness Lifestyle in 5 Steps:

  1. Determine your goal. Obviously you can’t get started on something if you don’t even know why you’re doing it. Determine what your main goal is…Is it to add on muscle mass? Is it to lose body fat? Is it to gain strength? Is it to just feel better about yourself? Pick your goal.
  2. Seek out help. If it’s fitness related, who is going to coach you? Where are you getting your plan? Remember to BE careful about who you get your help from. You can’t start if you don’t have anything to start with.
  3. Pick your golden workout time. The golden workout time is that time where you feel your best mentally and physically. The time where you can really focus on your workout and put in your all. For some, this may be early in the morning, for others it may be during your lunch break, or in the evening. Find what works for you. Personally, it has to be either in the morning after I’ve had a small pre-workout snack, or in the afternoon. Anything past 4pm and I’m not on the ball.
  4. Organize your motivation. Find just a few resources that can give you some motivation when you are feeling a bit ‘blah’. I touched upon some good sources of motivation here, but there are tons of other different ways to stay motivated too. The best way to get me motivated is to think of how good I will feel afterwards… you cannot beat that feeling!
  5. Find your ‘slump’ solution. We all get into slumps. What can you get out of it? A new workout song? A new pair of workout gear? Moving your rest day/s to today instead of tomorrow? Seeing a friend? There are many things you can do when you feel you are stuck in a slump. Be proactive and do something to get out of it. If you just keep ‘slumping’, you are digging yourself into a deep, deep hole.

So, who’s ready to get going? Stop complaining, stop making excuses and just START with these 5 steps. You’re not going to get anywhere just thinking about it.

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Hi! I'm Carrie. I'm a student, online trainer and personal trainer, but enough of the boring stuff. I have an absolute passion for fitness, but it hasn't always been that way. I struggled with body image and tried my fair share of fad diets and short term fitness trends. The fitness world is confusing, overwhelming and down right silly at times. I am here to help girls focus on the important stuff and learn how to get a lean and toned body without endless hours of cardio and low calorie diets. Don't be shy and say "hi!" to me! I'm usually sweet, unless you steal a scoop of my protein powder ;)

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