You Can’t Go Shopping for a Body

How many times have you looked through a fitness model’s Facebook or Instagram account, liked what you saw and purchased their coaching or nutrition/workout plans? (If you even considered purchasing, but never did, we will still count it!)

Yep, guilty. When I first started getting into the fitness thing, I started following ‘fitness icons’. I was always tempted to buy the plan that the girl with my dream body was selling. Why? Because I wanted her body! I wanted to look just like her, so of course, I figured if I bought her plan, I would.

Unfortunately, you can’t ‘shop for a body’. You can’t assume that if you get this girls’ plan that you will end up looking like her for several reasons:

1. Your body is different to her body (and everyone else’s for that matter).

I’m sorry to break it to you, but you can’t assume that you can just get anyone’s body shape. Some girls have wider hips, some girls have narrower hips, some girls carry weight in their lower body, some girls carry it in their midsection, some girls have a smaller bone structure, some girls have a bigger bone structure… you get the point, right? We all have different bodies- no one has the same body as you, no one. You are your own individual. So, to assume that you can get the body of someone else is silly. You can’t- you can develop the same training and diet regime as someone else, but that doesn’t mean you will end up looking like her. Your body will probably change, yes, but it won’t make the exact same changes that your idol’s body made… because your body shape, function, genetics etc is different. Please stop trying to ‘shop’ for a body… its unrealistic.

2. She may not be giving you the whole story on her training/nutrition techniques.

I’ve touched on this subject before and it still applies, how do you know if this girl is telling you the truth? How do you know that the plan she is selling you is what she did to get her body? If she is anything like me, it took her years to get to where her body is now. I have done several different weight lifting routines and regimes to get to where I am. I sure wasn’t doing the plan I do now when I first started. It took a long time, so not one single ’3 month’ plan is necessarily going to get you to where your idol’s body is. It may give you a great start for sure, but don’t expect to get ‘her body’ at the end of your plan.

 You Cant Go Shopping for a Body

3. She may be giving you some extreme, cookie cutter plan that will actually harm you in the long run.

Lastly, where does this girl come from and what credentials does she have? How long has she been a coach? Who has she worked with? What are her diet and training philosophies? Do they sound healthy to you? Do they sound sustainable? It’s important to look at what this girl believes in in regards to diet and training. Before you go ahead and buy something from her, ask her what her coaching style is like… What should you expect? If she gives out strict meal plans telling you exactly what to eat and when to eat… does that really sound like something you can maintain for life? What are you going to do after the ‘plan’ has ended?

I’ll tell you one thing, my goal as a coach isn’t to give you a plan and tell you to “do this” with no questions asked. I want you to learn. I want you to work yourself. This is an educational experience for yourself. Why? So that you don’t have to keep paying me forever and you can do it on your own! So, if you are looking for a strict cookie cutter diet plan, we would not be a good fit for each other.

I’m not trying to tell you that you can’t accomplish your goals and dreams, but I’m just trying to give you a more realistic outlook on them. Instead of focusing on looking like someone else, focus on looking the best you can be, or just the place where you feel the happiest and most confident. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of wanting to look like your fitness idol and making an impulsive decision to buy her plan.

I want you to instead, focus on her training and diet philosophies. If they are something you think would be a good fit for your lifestyle, then you should go for it, but you shouldn’t go for it just because you want to look exactly like her.


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Hi! I'm Carrie. I'm a student, online trainer and personal trainer, but enough of the boring stuff. I have an absolute passion for fitness, but it hasn't always been that way. I struggled with body image and tried my fair share of fad diets and short term fitness trends. The fitness world is confusing, overwhelming and down right silly at times. I am here to help girls focus on the important stuff and learn how to get a lean and toned body without endless hours of cardio and low calorie diets. Don't be shy and say "hi!" to me! I'm usually sweet, unless you steal a scoop of my protein powder ;)

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