You are in the right place if:

✔ You want a lean and toned body

✔ You want to feel confident that you are doing things right

✔ You want a plan without hours and hours of cardio

✔ You want to love your body and feel happier with yourself

✔ You don’t want a restrictive diet plan

And you aren’t if:

X You want a ‘quick fix’

 Hi, I’m Carrie!

When I walked into a gym for the first time, I was pretty intimidated. There were so many machines, weights, pulleys and cables and I had no idea what to do and where to start. Because of my fear, I kept doing the same old routine. I would hop on the elliptical or treadmill and ‘jog’ for 30 minutes. I’d finish up with a few crunches and call it my workout for the day.

The problem was, I was getting nowhere with how I wanted my body to look. My body was the same and I was tired of being frustrated with the lack of results. So, I drastically changed my training, hit the weights and fell in love with fitness and my new body. I eventually got certified and I am now training others and helping them make the transformation that I went through.

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restrictive diets

 My relationship with food and exercise hasn’t always been great. I’ve tried my fair share of excessive workouts and restrictive diets, only to lead to disordered eating habits. Sure, my workout programs and coaching will provide you with a lot of numbers, sets, reps etc, but the most important thing I can provide to you is a healthier relationship with food and exercise so you can enjoy your life.

 What you will get from my coaching:

  • No excessive cardio
  • No extreme caloric restriction
  • No fasted workouts
  • No ‘off limit’ foods

Yes! Let’s get started.

Are you ready to get a lean and toned body without hours of cardio and restrictive diets?

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