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How to Organize your Fitness Lifestyle in 5 Easy Steps

Starting a fitness plan is daunting and confusing, right? It’s all like… Who can help me? What should I be doing? When will I get results? Why does it never seem to work? It’s just too much and you can’t deal with it on top…

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The Worst Nutrition Advice I Have Ever Heard

Yep, we’ve all fallen for those dumb tips. Those silly little tips and tricks that we read in magazines thinking they will magically help us achieve our physique goals. We try them and NOTHING. Okay, well maybe we feel good for a little while because…

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5 Nutrition Tools You Should be Using

Are you overwhelmed with all the fitness apps and tracking devices out there? There is just too much to choose from! When it comes to your fitness and nutrition goals, it is extremely important that you have the right tools to assist you in making…

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Gobble Gobble!

Hello! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! Yesterday, I went to a family birthday celebration, which was a blast! It was great to catch up with family while nibbling on Mendocino Farms sandwiches and snacks!   My brother, his girlfriend and me! I’ve been working out…

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Do You Even Protein?

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was a great start to the week for me. I kicked it off with a HIIT workout and 9 sets of upper body…. followed by a delicious protein packed lunch: English muffin with Barney butter, spinach (in dijon) and a chicken and…

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