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Tuesday Blues

Good morning and happy Tuesday…? Not sure about you, but Tuesdays have always been my least favorite day of the week. That could be due to my nightly anatomy lab (ugh!), but also, Tuesdays are just kind of blah! Who’s with me? Mondays are always…

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The Start of Daily Blogging!

Goooood afternoon! I’ve primarily used this blog to post about topics I am passionate about, or topics that you guys request. However, one of the biggest things I get requests for is to show you guys more of my daily life, so I’ve decided to…

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How I Workout (And How it all Started!)

When I walked into a gym for the first time, I was pretty intimidated. There were so many machines, weights, pulleys and cables and I had no idea what to do and where to start. Because of my fear, I kept doing the same old routine. I…

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Why I Hated my Bikini Competition

I’ve been hesitant to write this post for a long time. I mean, seeing as my bikini competition was over a year ago, it certainly took me a while to gather up my thoughts and decide to share them with you. As you may or…

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How to Break Out of the Vicious Cycle

I’ve spoken before about the vicious cycle. You know, the one where you follow one fitness icon, do what she does, not get the results you want, move onto another icon, do the same and repeat and repeat until you feel like an ultimate failure….

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