My Favourite Protein Sources

Protein is my favourite macronutrient by far! I tend to get 1.5-1.7g per lbs of my body weight every single day. It is essential for muscle growth maintenance.

It is best to get 1-1.5g per lbs of body weight everyday and here are some of my favourite protein sources so that that can be achieved!

1. Protein Powders

Casein and Whey (My favourite brand: Optimum Nutrition) 25g per serving


2.  Canned Tuna

Fast, easy and portable! ~30g per can


3. Egg Whites

I love the yolks in omelettes and my Protein Pancake, but you can’t beat the density of protein in each egg white. 4g protein per egg white!


4. Peanut Flour

Add some stevia, salt and water and you have a delicious creamy, protein filled pudding! 16g protein per serving.


(Available online at iherb or nutrition (use iherb discount code MOV263 for $5 off!)

5. Chicken

Versatile, filling and tasty with 27g of protein per chicken breast.

While these are all simple sources, they are delicious, filling, staples in my diet.

Eat these to help build some muscle!

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