Without Carrie, I would still be stuck in a rut eating 1200 calories a day, hitting the gym 5 days a week killing myself with cardio and wondering WHY I wasn’t able to increase what I was lifting in the weight room. On the weekends I always felt like I couldn’t enjoy the night out. I would pass on the bread basket, skip the dessert or even worse miss out on a slice of birthday cake or a friend’s BBQ fixings. I honestly thought food was the enemy. All I cared about was the number on the scale. If it was on the lower end, my day would be great, if it was a bit higher I would watch what I ate only to be cranky and not have energy. NOW, things are totally different! I can not explain how happy I am! I eat what I want and I enjoy nights out and celebrations. I was so nervous to start but I followed what she said and I can’t believe how much better I feel! I am hitting PR’s in the gym and feeling stronger, I don’t starve myself during the day because I am going out to dinner for the night, I don’t wake up and rush to the gym to do cardio if I indulged the night before. It is the most FREEING feeling. My only regret is I didn’t start this process with her sooner! Carrie, I can not thank you enough! I am a work in process and I can’t wait to see the outcome!- Nicole Gray

alex loved her workout programIf you’re reading this and trying to figure out if you should get Carrie as a coach, you should. It has been one of the best investments I have ever made for myself. She creates the perfect balance of guidance and self-responsibility that allows you to continue on your fitness journey long after you decide to try it on your own. My weight workouts are customized to build up my lagging body parts and cardio is kept to a minimum while my diet gives me freedom to eat treats when I want to. On top of all this she is one of the most moral people I have met and always emails me back without judgement when I have a concern, a bad day, or a question. – Alex Weatherly

Hannah was used to a restrictive dietCarrie’s coaching has literally saved my life and changed me as a person forever. Before I had Carrie as my coach I was living in a misery of constant cardio and a diet consisting of pure vegetables. I constantly felt weak, miserable, and lonely. Carrie introduced me to flexible dieting, weight training, and HIIT cardio that actually make me so excited to work out! I feel energized everyday and I am actually allowing myself to eat those “dirty foods” that I was always so afraid of.Not only that but I am actually lifting heavy weights now and seeing major improvements in my strength without the strenuous cardio I used to put my body through.Carrie is one of the most genuine and sweetest girls I have ever met. She is always there for me day or night and never fails to answer all of my questions. I feel like I am truly cared for under her coaching and she not only listens to me when I am concerned or feeling down but she is also always there to reassure me and give me great words of advice and encouragement. I can’t wait to continue my training with her for many months to come and see how much more I can improve! -Hannah Smith, 19 years old

ayla became lean and toned from my workout programsI have been working with Carrie for over seven months now. Not only have I seen an enormous change in my body, but in my mind as well. I am stronger & more confident in the gym, but I’m also able to have the foods I love while still achieving my goals. Carrie’s flexible dieting approach has allowed me to overcome binge eating & regain a healthy relationship with food. One thing I love most about Carrie is that she is always available to answer questions and give support! I am so glad I chose her to help me in this journey and I cannot wait to see what great things are to come. – Ayla

Before Carrie I followed strict ‘clean eating’ plan and did 1-2 hrs of cardio on top of my weight training everyday. This lead me to start binge eating on the weekends. I am happy to say the binges stopped with her coaching methods. In addition, I have made personal records with my weight lifting routine. I never thought I would shoulder press 55 pound dumbbells! With my previous coaches, I stuck with them for 1-2 months at a time.  I have been with Carrie for 7 months and continue to work with her towards my goals.- Megan

Working with Carrie for the past 5 months has literally been life changing. Ever since I “recovered” from anorexia in 11th grade, it’s been a vicious cycle of 1,200 calorie days, hour long cardio sessions and binging. I used to miss out on food adventures and parties with my friends because I wasn’t feeling good about a binge or myself. Now, I eat over 1,800 calories and do cardio 3x per week! Carrie doesn’t just give you a cookie-cutter diet and tell you to do this and that. Instead she does macros which not only helps you look good, but feel good all the time. With her help, I’ve not only been able to succeed in my first year at college socially and academically but I’ve been able to see positive changes in my body by just eating more- Emily Wu

 diane tried my workout programCarrie was recommended to me by Layne Norton.  Working with Carrie has been the best decision EVER!  After years of endurance my metabolism had adapted and was not functioning the way it should. Carrie has been positive, supportive and professional.  Everything she has advised works.  I am eating more food than I ever have in my life and the results are mind blowing!  I am comfortable in my own skin, my body works like a machine, AND my body fat is melting away.  I am no longer overdoing cardio, and flexible dieting is sustainable for life.  Food is not my enemy, not any food.  I can and do recommend her to anyone in any capacity from beginning in fitness and nutrition to those of us that have been doing it for years.  No matter what your personal goals, Carrie would be an asset to your plan.- Diane Edwards

Tory changed her restrictive diet.Before working with Carrie, I was at the very beginning stages of repairing an unhealthy relationship I had developed with food. I was only been eating a list of 30 or so foods and my training had hit a plateau. I felt my strength and definition had become stagnate. Sure, I was the leanest I had ever been, but I was also unhappy. Carrie introduced me to new training protocols that included splits and exercises I had never incorporated before. She adjusted my nutrition and put no restrictions on my “diet”. It’s flexible and science-based. It empowers me by allowing me to choose what I eat and holds me accountable. Being a graduate student of nutrition and wellness as well as studying to become a personal trainer and strength and conditioning specialist, I appreciate and respect her approach. My goal was and still is to add lean muscle mass while maintaining leanness. This is a difficult task to accomplish, but with Carrie’s guidance, it can be done! Everything about my training and nutrition program was customized to my needs and goals. Exercises were adapted because of a hip injury and I was eating more food than I had ever before. Because of the proper nutrition, my training has since soared. I’m lifting nearly double now than I was three months ago, have the most muscle definition I have ever had, and am slowly gaining weight and adding lean muscle mass.Besides the physical changes, my mental state regarding fitness and nutrition has completely changed. I now have no guilt eating foods that I would have never of spoken of before. I am not obsessed with meal timing and size. Most importantly, I have balance in my life again. Carrie has been able to keep me motivated and lifted my self-confidence. I love her professionalism; however, she also ensures that her personality shines through in all her work. Carrie is always using social media to connect to her clients and fans. She is constantly addressing evidence-based issues in the fitness world and bringing awareness to what produces actual and safe results. Carrie is young and vibrant. She is full of tenacity and a willingness to always make you feel that your journey matters to her.- Tory

Mara's transformation from disordered eatingI just want to say thank you. You have literally opened my eyes to a new way of “dieting”. I’ve never liked to use the term dieting in the past, because it always has the negative connotation of restriction and always having to say “I can’t, I’m on a diet” or “I can’t, I’m eating clean”. I just want you to know that you have given me a new sense of empowerment. One that I have been searching for, and wasn’t able to find on my own. You showed me that it is JUST FINE to give in to my terrible sweet tooth, or drink my lattes on a weekly basis, as long as it all fits into my macros. Thank you for everything in the past 12 weeks, I am very excited for the next 12 to come :) -Mara

kelly lean and tonedI have had the pleasure to work with Carrie since August. I chose the customized nutrition and training package and couldn’t be more happier about it. I have been active my entire life but suffered from not eating enough and exercising too much. It was a consistent battle for me.
Today I can honestly say I no longer have a negative relationship towards certain foods. I am still working with Carrie and plan on continuing. I have never felt so energized in my life.
My workouts have improved significantly as well. I would recommend Carrie to anyone who may be struggling with nutrition or their workouts. I can’t wait to see more changes in my body and to hit some more PR’s!!! Thank you Carrie- Kelly B

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